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New 2019 BMW 3 Series: BMW's mightiest model is Back.

Mercedes-Benz in the luxury car market is headed by its flagship S-class, BMW's car in the world of the car is the BMW 3 Series.

New BMW 3 Series.

Mercedes-Benz in the luxury car market is headed by its flagship S-class, BMW's car in the world of the car is the BMW 3 Series, Audi's fast-established model in the Chinese market is the Audi A6L. These three models are of great significance to the brand, and they have a comparative advantage in their own peers.

Know that your most concern is definitely the new BMW 3 Series
The new BMW 3 Series has been unveiled overseas, the shape of the angel eye headlights has changed, and the fog lights have been upgraded, using a long strip of LED light source as a new fog light. And the size of the lower air intake grille is also wider, making the car's sporty feeling burst. The tail of the car is bright, because the taillights of the BMW three series have undergone a lot of changes, and the headlights can be echoed.
In the car, the floating central control screen is almost connected to the instrument panel. And the size of the central control screen is also larger, more inclined to the driver's side. The power is still the turbocharged engine code named B38 and B48 and the traditional 8AT gearbox. Moreover, there will be a new energy version of the hybrid and future pure electric models, power performance should have new surprises.
After the release of the first generation model in 1957, the BMW 3 Series quickly established the title of sports by its own strength. Compared with the changes outside, the sporty characteristics of the new generation of models are actually more exciting. Then, the next thing is more important. The new BMW 3 Series you are looking forward to in 2019 may not appear in the market quickly. According to BMW's past rhythm, the 2019 models are almost standard with the M-performance kit, and the current BMW 3 Series, which uses all 2.0T engines, will continue to sell for some time. The real time for the domestic BMW 3 Series should be after 2019. Paragraph - 2020 during this time period.
However, the real advantage is that the 2019 BMW will give a preferential price performance at the end of the cycle in the market, which means that 2019 is a very good time to start the BMW 3 Series.

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